Plan of Action for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Agriculture

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Lao PDR has been increasingly affected by natural hazards. These hazards cause severe damages and losses of lives, livelihoods and infrastructure. Considering the expected impacts of climate change, these hazards are likely to increase in frequency and intensity, which will threaten economic and social development and Lao’s food security. Therefore the government of Lao PDR created a Plan of Action for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Agriculture. The plan has to ensure that DRRM will be fully integrated into the planning of sustainable agricultural development and fosters synergies with related policies and strategies at all levels. It also aims to strengthen capacities of institutions and communities for enhanced planning, coordination and implementation of DRRM activities for food and nutrition security and it aims to raise awareness and provide information, including on indigenous knowledge on sustainable environmental management and DRRM and promote education at all levels to strengthen resilience and reduce disaster risks.

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