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Preparedness planning to protect your investment and employees.

CED has developed videos to introduce basic concepts and key steps in preparedness planning for businesses. It will take you at least two hours to view all of these videos (part one is about half an hour and part II is about one and a half hour). Under each video, you also can find PPT presentations that you can use for training businesses or those who are interested.

<a title=”Part I: Key concepts on disaster risk management and planning cycles”

The objective of this part is to help you:

To have basic understanding about preparedness planning cycles and the importance and meaning of disaster preparedness planning.

Understand the preparedness planning cycles and how to use or create some of the forms for preparedness planning in your businesses

Part III: Experiences, practices from some businesses oin Vietnam and some guidance for retrofitting

The objective of this part is to help you:
Know some of plans of the businesses and some of disaster preparedness planning drills in a Vietnamese company; Practice I other countries and some of retrofitting guide.