Disaster Risk Reduction Policies and Practice in Lao PDR

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During a regional consultation meeting in 2014 on Education and Resilience in East Asia and the Pacific, Dr. Daravone Kittuphnanh gave an overview of Disaster Risk Reduction Policies and Practice in LAO PDR. Besides developing new policies and decrees, Laos had made some major progress to better their data collection system on damage after a disaster. Secondly, the Ministry of Finance spent nearly USD 10.000 to discuss policy implications of integrating DRR into the national school curriculum and to fund the training of the focal points on DM. Lastly; schools affected by natural disasters got zinc roofing. There are some limitations and challenges Laos faces, to name a few, there is a lack of human and financial resources, a lack of knowledge about DRR and a lack of monitoring and assessment.

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